How to win?

  • The winner will be the player with greater accumulated final total score
  • Opponent Player surrendered.

Normal Move

  • All move should be one block forward diagonal, except for Dama chips.


  • A chip can became a Dama when the chip reach the end of the row.

Dama Move

  • Unlike normal chip, dama can move forward or backward diagonally as far it can go as long the box is not occupied.

Touch Move

  • When a current player, touch (click) the chip with possible move. It should move it.

Taking / Eating Opponent Chips

Eat First

  • A chip that can eat should be the move of the player.
  • Eating a chip, the eater will jump to the next box.
  • Eating chip can be forward or backward.

Dama Eat First

  • Interns of priority for eating a chip, a Dama chip that can eat opponent chip should be the first.

Eat More First

  • When in terms of eat first either the chip is Dama or not, the chip that will eat more should be the move of the current player.


  • Once you eat/take opponents chips you will accumulate a score.
  • The score will be base on the value of chip who ates and eaten, with the operation where the chip landed.

Format score = (chip who eat) (operation) (chip that was eaten)


  • When a chip with value 9 eaten a chip with value 10 and landed on operation -. You will then accumulate a score -1.
  • score: 9 - 10 = -1

Scores for Dama

  • When a dama eats a normal chip or normal chip eats a dama, the score will be doubled (x2).
  • When a dama eats a dama, the score will be quadruple (x4).

Game Over

The game will be over when

  • The current player don't have chips anymore
  • The current player has no more possible moves
  • The player has only one 1 chips, and made 5x repeating moves (not yet implemented).
  • 20 minutes has passed (not yet implemented)
  • Player surrendered (not yet implemented)
  • Both Player agreed to finish the game (not yet implemented)

Final Total Scores

  • The final total score will be computed once the game is over.
  • The final total score will determine the winner of the game
  • The final total score will be base on the sum of the score made by eating and remaining chips.


Player 1 accumulated a total score of 100 via eating opponents chips and after the game is over, player then chips 9 5 1 remains in the board. This chip will be added to total score, so the final score will be 100 + 9 + 5 + 1 = 115

This will also be applied to Player 2

60 Seconds Move

  • Each move should only take 60 seconds.
  • When the current player unable to make the move, the game will randomly move any chip. (bu in physical game this is different, each second will be deducted to your score)

20 Minutes Game

  • When a total of 20 minutes has passed the game will be game over.