Version 2 is UP

Version 2 is UP

Cydrick Nonog

Sat Nov 05 2022

Damath PH Version 2 is up and running.

What are the changes?

New UI / UX

  • As you notice the game UI have been change, the creation of game is already in the right side and in left side is the board.
  • Once your in game the right panel will be your score sheet, not like before that you need to click first a button to look for score sheets.
  • Also in game the board is in center and the user name will be on top and bottom of the board same as the current total score.
  • The game also change a little bit of the colors.

Integrated with

One game at a time

  • A player can only play one game at a time

AFK Player

  • Once your in game and your oponnent disconnected from the game, the system will give this player to reconnect withing 1 minute.
  • If the player was unable to reconnect to the game, then the remaining player will be the winner.
  • If both the player disconnected fromt the game and unable to rejoin within 1 minute then, the winner will declare base on the scores of the players.

Guest Player

  • Now you don't need to login to play the game
  • When you are not logined, you will be given an temporary user as a guest.
  • A guest player can only navigate and play the game.

What happen to old version?

  • We delete it totally, mean you will no longer to play a game in that version
  • Once you go this will redirect you to
  • All games from the previous version have been deleted
  • All user account that were registered from previous version have been migrated to the new version

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