The Version 2.0

The Version 2.0

Cydrick Nonog

Tue Oct 11 2022

We are now planning to release the new version of the game.

We call it version 2.0 since this version is not using the old implementation that we have.

What we found in the 1st version?

  • It is in the other domain, where the user will need to go to instead on just
  • UI / UX experience
    • Need to click first the create and a modal will show
    • The space is not fully used, there are still alot of space that can be use for game.
  • Unfinished game
    • We found out that 7 out of 10 game are unfinished.
    • We also found out the a game was created, but not started.
  • No guest account
    • The very first version of this game, we include guest account where you don't need to login before you can play. But later we removed this functionality since we enable the registration and login.

Here are what you will expect on this upcoming version:

  • The game will be now part of the instead of
  • Upgraded UI / UX
  • Player can only have 1 game at a time
  • Once in game creation, when the player leave the game, the game will authomatically deleted.
  • Once the game is already started, and player leaves the game he / she is a minute to come back or else the remaining player will be considered winner even he / she has the lesser total score.
  • When both player leaves the game, both of them will be given a minute to come back. Once both did not came back, the winner will be base on the score.
  • You can now play as a guest, mean you don't need to register or login to your account before you can play.