How to make your game private?

How to make your game private?

Cydrick Nonog

Sat Apr 01 2023

Starting from version 2.6.0 you can now make your game private.

What's new? releases a new version that can make your game private.

When you are creating a new game, you will notice the 2 toggle button.


This two new button will make your game private.

  • "Hide from the list" - Will hide your game from the game list, available and watch game list.
  • "With Password" - Will add a password to your game

3 ways to make your game private

Making it hidden from everyone

By ticking the "Hide from the list" to on, your game will not be listed in available and watch game list. In this way, anyone can't join the game unless they have the link of your game.

To let the other player join the game, you should share the link via copying the link or clicking the share button.

Adding password to your game

Another way to make it game private is to add password to your game, by ticking the "With Password" on, will show a password text box.


This textbox where you will input the password. In this method, the game will still be listed from available and watch game list. But once they join the game, the a prompt will show up where the joiner will input the password.


To share this game with other, you need to share the password to the other player. In this way, even the player know the link, they still need to input the password.

Hide with password

The last way is the combination of both hidden and adding password, in this way the game will not be listed from the game list. And also it will ask for password for the joiner.

To let other player play with you, you need to share both the link and the password.


With this new feature you can now create a game privately and only play to speciifc player. This feature will give you a way to play with your friends or specific player, so that other players will unable to join the your game. In this way, you can also make sure that you are really playing with your desired opponent.