Damath Online Game development history

Damath Online Game development history

Cydrick Nonog

Sat Mar 26 2022


Damath is an educational board game that invented by Jesus Huenda, a teacher in the province of Sorsogon, Philippines. He invented the game to help him for teaching mathematics in his class.

The game then became popular in late 1990's and recognise by the department of education Now the Damath is now a popular game in elementary and highschool, and even have tournament all over the Philippines.

The tournament start on the month of mathematics where selected student from different school will compete to each other in their respected District. will proceed to Division, and next will be regional and lastly the national.

Game Development History

Due the pandemic that started March 2020, student was unable to play it since the game is a face to face. In this matter, I, Cydrick Nonog decided to make an online version of the board game. I was a Damath player in his elementary and highschools before. And now a software engineer.

I started the planning of the game on 27th of July a day before my birthday in the year of 2020. My plan were to help the schools and students to play, even they are away to each other.

I started the development of the game on July 28, 2020 my birthday. I started creating the \[mvp]( to test if its really able to do it. After doing the mvp, the development started and plan to be an 3D board game as seen in the image below.


But due to lack of time because of my full time work, the development has been stopped.

Time pass through, a lot of schools and teachers is messaging the facebook page that I created for the game.

So I decided again to continue the game not in 3D format, but instead in 2D format because it will take less time to develop. But before deciding I stopped one of my part-time job, just to make a time for the development of the game.

Beta release

On March 7, 2022, the beta version of the game has been deployed in The first release is just a basic part of the game where you enter your name and create a room and join the room and play. The release is just the introduction the development where only counting variation is available.

The first release also is able to play with other player over the internet.

More updates

For less than a month, the game got more updates. Now the game ui has been revamp and more appealing than the first release and also game introduce more variants. It also introduces a match making in each room, where the player should need to take make ready before the game will start. You can also watch the other game.

And I also decided to update the website for the game, where you can see the updates of the game.

Future of the game

The future of the game will help the student to learn and play with others. There are a lots to be done in the game to make it work. In near future will introduce tournaments and more. I want this game also to be well known not only in the Philippines but also in other countries.