Damath Online Board Game Version One

Damath Online Board Game Version One

Cydrick Nonog

Tue May 31 2022


After 3 months in development and the first beta release, we would like to announce that the official first version of the game is now released.

New Features

This release is more focus on authentication and profile of the player.


Screenshot 2022-05-27 at 23-28-31 Damath Online.png

At first as a new user you need to Register as a new player.
In this page, you will need to provide your name, email address, username and password. Also you will select your avatar.

Once your done registering, an email will sent to you, you need to confirm this to verify you account.


Screenshot 2022-05-27 at 23-28-00 Damath Online.png

When you already have account, you can now login. For login, you need to provide your username and password.

Make sure you already verify your account. Once you did not verify your account, you will unable to login.

Separation of Rooms

Screenshot 2022-05-27 at 23-29-27 Damath Online.png

In rooms page, instead of listing all the pages in one page. In this release the rooms will be separated 3 groups.

  • Available - Rooms were created by other player, and the room don't have 2 players yet.
  • Your current games - Rooms that you created that are unfinished.
  • On Going - Rooms that are on going

As you notice we all finished game will not be part of the listing.


Screenshot 2022-05-27 at 23-29-54 Damath Online.png

Now you can also share the link of the game, just click the share.

If you are using desktop browser, this will normally copy the link.
For mobile browser, it will open a share pop up.

Touch Move

In this release, the touch move was also implemented. Once you already click a chip that can be move, you can't change it anymore.

Profile and Statistic Page

Screenshot 2022-05-27 at 23-37-49 Damath Online.png

In this page you can see your information and statistic.
The statistic is separated base on the variants.

Change Password


By clicking the change password in profile, a modal will pop up. This modal is where you can change your password.


The game is collecting your name, username, password and email address that can be use only in the game. This information will not be use in any third party. It will not also distribute and share to any third party. Your email address is only use for registration is only use for verifying the account.

Beta Data Clearing

All data that was createred in beta vsion will be wipeout including then users and games that was created in the beta version.
Why? In the beta version users are just a simple name without real authetication in the system. And the games are outdated now since the new version will use different data in the system.


It tooks 3 months for the official first version of the game. We try to make the game more better and better.

The game has lots of improvements to be done in the future. And more and more features will come. But due to lack of time this features and improvements will be deliver not soon enough.

We also encourage you to message us to report an issues that you will encounter. And also if you have something that you want to improve or you have some idea, message us we really appriciate it.