Ads in Damath PH

Ads in Damath PH

Cydrick Nonog

Thu Nov 17 2022

Just this week, Damath PH is now showing some ads.


Since the developer use his own packet money and time to maintain and develop the game. He decided to add an ads, in this case the the amount that the ads will produce will be use to maintiain the game.

What are the things need to be maintain?

The maintainance of the game is need a large amount. And this amount will go to

  • Server : The server where the game is hosted where it needs a large amount to have a good server and this server is paid every month.
  • Domain : Every year the domain is needs to be renew
  • Time consumed in maintaining : The developer need some coffee while maintaining the game.

The game will remain free, the developer still thingking and how it will get a fund to maintain the game and improve.